Possibility of additional security measure for users

If you want to provide absolute maximum safety when using your wood chipper, Linddana has now developed an E-STOP kit. This is especially relevant if you have unskilled employees or hire your wood chipper. Then it can be reassuring to have an extra safety precaution on your wood chipper.

TP Wood chippers always live up to the current legislation in the area, EN 13525. This standard is currently being reviewed by an international committee, in which representatives from Linddana also participate. That's why we know where the trend is heading - and we want to be at the forefront of security.

TP E-STOP consists of four emergency stop switches. Two are located on the sides of the funnel and two are located on top of the funnel. When one of the four emergency stops has been activated, the rollers stop rotating. In order not to accidentally restart the rollers, to restart the rollers, first turn the red Emergency Stop knob clockwise until the knob is released and the Emergency Stop knob returns to the operating position. With this, the emergency stop switch is now reset. Subsequently, the control bar must also be pushed back to position 0, whereby the entire emergency stop system is reset.

The whole hops in the E-STOP kit are:

  1. That you cannot accidentally restart the rollers during an accident situation
  2. That outsiders can easily be helpful in an emergency situation - since the emergency stop switches are clearly and externally on the funnel

A TP E-STOP kit can be retrofitted and is available for all hand-feeding machines - they just need to be equipped with a TP PILOT. Contact the sales department for more information.

E-STOP manual - Read it here

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