Wood chipper experts since 1980 

Linddana has successfully designed, manufactured and sold its well-known brand of TP Wood Chippers since 1980, and today the company is a market leader. The Danish-owned company offers a strong selection of functional and reliable wood chippers for landscaping and biomass production.

TP Wood Chippers are well-known for their extreme user-friendliness, robust design and high efficiency. They are designed to meet the strictest safety standards, to be eco-friendly and economical on fuel.


It is about technology and people

Linddana´s strong international position is founded on extensive technical expertise and unwavering commitment to high quality, both in the selection of materials and in manufacturing processes. By combining high-efficiency automation with skilled workmanship at the Danish factory, we maintain the highest quality standards.

Linddana constantly focuses on further developing its product range. This is why we make it a priority to have ongoing dialogue with professional users in all of the relevant sectors. Their feedback helps to improve TP Wood Chippers, so they meet expectations and daily challenges.


Danish production 

From the very beginning, TP Wood Chippers have been manufactured in Denmark. To maintain production that is based on the highest quality possible, our production methods are streamlined on an ongoing basis, using the LEAN philosophy and other methods.


DSHI2014 016 350X233 DSHI2014 031 350X234 DSHI2014 033 350X234 Linddana contrubutes to the work of the Danish Red Cross