Need help with the heavy lifting?

TP WINCH is optional equipment for mounting on TP 230 PTO

The hydraulic winch pulls the logs up to the machine, making the wood chipping easier and improving the working environment.


Product features:

  • Compact winch to be mounted on the chipper's feed
  • Driven by the wood chipper's hydraulic system
  • Can be subsequently installed on existing TP 230 wood chippers
  • Pulling power: 1400 kg 
  • Speed: 0,45 m/s
  • Wire length: 35 m
  • Wire diameter: 6 mm
  • Operation: Wireless remote control 



  • Wireless remote control
  • Steel chain G-80, 7 mm with hook and coupler
  • Tongs, max. grasp width 300mm - Lifting capacity 800 kg

Watch the TP WINCH in action:

Video TP 230 PTO