Working at Linddana

Work Environment

In a modern, dynamic and development-oriented company as Linddana, the employees' skills and potential are the main raw material. A good working environment and a continuous development of people skills are important priorities.

Linddana is based on a strong corporate culture where transparency, proximity and commitment are key concepts. It has been so since the very first TP Wood Chipper was launched in 1980. And this way of thinking still permeates the organization and the way we work ... guided by respect for each other and the results, we want to achieve.

Our production is built on modern production methods, and the machinery is based on the latest technology in laser cutting, robotic welding, CNC machines etc. The focus on an ever more efficient production has also given us significant environmental benefits. New machines, working methods and procedures for example means that we have reduced both the water and electricity consumption.


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