TP215 track - safety and innovation

TP now offers the safest belt-driven woodchipper programme on the market.

Safety has always been a top priority at TP. The brand new TP 215 Track Stage V comes as standard with a ScanReco remote control; the most user-friendly system on the market.

This means that operators do not have to stand on the wood chipper while driving it, but can instead walk safely alongside, steering it sensibly over and around terrain.

TP’s TP 175 and 215 Track belt-driven woodchippers both have a suspended height of 20 cm, which will easily navigate uneven terrain. The belts can be pushed outwards to manoeuvre safely, including at camber on slopes. All hoses and tubes are concealed and protected to ensure operational reliability over time.

TP 175 and 215 Track can run on slopes with up to 30 degree cambers.

TP 215 Track has a 59 horsepower Stage V Hatz motor. This “clean” diesel and 59hp combo makes this a woodchipper that will simply not give up on you. It can do just that bit more than most other models.

The new TP215 is available with many features. It runs on the new TP Pilot+ control system, which ensures a good working environment for its operator, including features such as Range Control and Low Noise functionality.  Optional extras include tow hook, toolbox and a winch to secure the machine when working on sloped terrain.

Find a video here