Tracked wood chippers


When working on uneven terrain, a tracked chipper can be an advantage. It can reach places where the mobile chipper can't.

TP 175 and TP 215 Track are both tracked wood chippers. They are operated with either a remote control or a manual control console. Here we take a look at the difference.


Remote control

With the remote control, you can stand at a safe distance and control the chipper. Since you can move around the chipper while driving, you can see all sides and manoeuvre it with great precision.

The distance between the tracks is controlled from the remote control.

Tp Track Remote Controle



Tp Track Manual Controle

Manual control

The manual control console gives the user control over the operation of the belts on each side and the distance between the belts. Depending on the model, the gas is also controlled from here. When the driver stands on the operator platform, the control console is activated. The control console is deactivated if there is no operator on the platform.




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Track Remote Control In Place 600X400px

Remote control holder is integrated in the chassis.

Track Manual Control Console

Manual control console with control of gas, belts and belt width.

Track Safety Platform 600X400px

Platform with weight loading for greater safety.



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