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TP Wood Chippers are among the strongest chippers in the market, because we focus on quality, functionality, safety and design.


You'll be able to find a TP Chipper in most parts of the world. We cooperate with authorised import companies who sell TP Wood Chippers through their own distribution networks.

Find your local dealer here.


Contact Linddana if you are interested in purchasing a TP wood chipper, and you are unable to find a dealer, or if your country is not represented on our list of importers.



Linddana’s service department will provide you with rapid technical support to ensure that your TP Wood Chipper is in top condition and optimally performing. Linddana has more than 30 years experience in the production and maintenance of wood chippers, and we have the best technical expertise at our disposal.


A service agreement with Linddana means your TP wood chipper gets an annual inspection. A service agreement ensures that the machine is safe to operate and configured according to the instruction manual.




Do you want to ensure minimal machine down-time and optimal wood chips quality?


Then have a closer look at our two types of service boxes:



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