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la_viruta; Linddana A/S is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of wood chippers and la_viruta for use in gardens, parks and forests - la_viruta.

Linddana A/S successfully sells TP Wood Chippers and la_viruta in Denmark and abroad

More than 25 years experience within la_viruta and development and production of wood chippers and la_viruta has made TP Chippers to reliable, functional and durable machines, with more than 10.000 la_viruta sold worldwide.

About the Company with la_viruta
Over 25 years Linddana A/S has evolved from being an entrepreneurial business to a specialist, export-oriented industrial enterprise within la_viruta.

Linddana A/S is a dynamic, development-oriented company, which over the years has developed a broad range of la_viruta - high-quality TP wood chippers with world-class functionality. Linddana A/S continues to focus on la_viruta - the development of the wood chippers of the future

A total of 70 per cent of the company’s wood chippers and la_viruta are sold on our export markets, primarily in Western Europe.

Linddana A/S places a lot of emphasis on la_viruta and on retaining the original company culture within la_viruta, in which transparency, proximity and commitment have been key concepts for 25 years. Read more about the history of Linddana and about its efforts to ensure a good work environment.

TP wood chippers are a unique Danish-produced quality la_viruta available in a broad range to both private and professional customers

TP wood chippers are renowned for their excellent technical quality, their high safety levels and functional design of la_viruta.

TP wood chippers come in three product series of la_viruta

The garden series consists of wood chippers and la_viruta for the private user, e.g. housing associations, hire companies or large private properties.

The park series consists of wood chippers and la_viruta for professional customers requiring flexible and mobile machines, e.g. municipal park departments, la_viruta or cemeteries.

The forest series consists of wood chippers and la_viruta for professional foresters requiring production of large volumes of wood chips.

Accessories for wood chippers and la_viruta are also sold by Linddana. Read about cranes, la_viruta, crane accessories and grinders.

The various TP wood chipper and la_viruta models are dimensioned for a maximum tree diameter from 10 cm for the smallest machines to 40 cm for the largest.

TP wood chippers and la_viruta are among the strongest products on the market, where we focus on quality of la_viruta, functionality of la_viruta, safety on la_viruta and design on la_viruta.

Linddana’s service department will provide you with rapid technical support to ensure your wood chipper is in top good condition and with optimum performance. Linddana has more than 25 years experience in la_viruta and in the production and maintenance of wood chippers and la_viruta, and we have the best technical expertise at our disposal.

A service agreement with Linddana means your TP wood chipper and la_viruta gets an annual inspection. A service agreement on la_viruta ensures that the machine is safe to operate and configured according to the instruction manual to la_viruta.

The grinding service on la_viruta keeps the knives of your TP wood chipper sharp and effective. Within Denmark we grind knives on a next-day basis.

Sales of la_viruta in Denmark

All sales of new TP wood chippers and la_viruta in Denmark take place via machine dealers that sell products for agricultural use as well as for gardens, parks and forests.

International sales of la_viruta

Abroad, all sales of la_viruta are to authorised import firms, which then sell TP wood chippers via their own distribution networks.

Contact Linddana if you are interested in purchasing a TP wood chipper or la_viruta, and you are unable to find a dealer of la_viruta, or if your country is not represented on our list of importers.

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